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DTF Transfer Rolls (PreTreat Sheet Rolls) - 100 meters long

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DTF PRO Transfer™ Paper Roll - 100meters long. Work with DTG and DTF printers that accept paper on a roll and have at least 30cm wide print dimensions.

Revolutionary Technology - DTG TRANSFER™ PAPER - works with DTG or DTF printers!

What is DTG TRANSFER ™ PAPER, technically speaking?

DTG TRANSFER ™ PAPER is a DTGPRO ™ branded, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) release film. If that was a mouthful, don't worry, here is what you really need to know:

How do I use DTG TRANSFER™ products?

DTG TRANSFER™ is accomplished using DTG TRANSFER™ Paper, and DTG TRANSFER™ Powder.

First, you print (using your DTG machine, with textile ink) to DTG TRANSFER™ Paper, cover your print with DTG TRANSFER™ powder, and then heat press it to your Garments or Textiles. You can either print in COLOR, for transfer to WHITE textiles, or you can print 1 layer of COLOR then 1 layer of WHITE, if you're transfering to DARK / BLACK textiles.

But what's the purpose of DTG TRANSFER™ if the purpose of DTG is, by definition, Direct To Garment, and with DTG TRANSFER™ you're introducing a transfer sheet?

Traditiona transfer printing been around for ages, and specifically used in the heat transfer or sublimation print markets. So what are the benefits of DTG TRANSFER™? There are a few actually, and they are significant:

  1. DTG TRANSFER™ allows for transfers to dark shirts (due to white DTG ink) - something regular heat transfers can't do
  2. DTG TRANSFER™ result in more breathable prints, smooth to touch, and flexible - something regular heat transfers can't do
  3. DTG TRANSFER™ do not requiring cutting out the image on the transfer - something regular heat transfers can't do
  4. DTG TRANFER™ result in more vivid colors than heat transfers

OK, so the above shows the substantial advantages that DTG TRANSFER™ has over HEAT TRANSFER (or even SUBLIMATION).

But what benefits does DTG TRANSFER™ have over regular DTG? Well there are 2, and they are also substantial:

  1. DTG TRANSFER™ eliminates the need for PRETREATMENT! No more extra pretreatment / chemical steps for your dark shirt prints
  2. DTG TRANSFER™ allow you to get your printed images to MANY MORE materials and substrates (Lycra, cotton, nylon, swimsuit fabrics, high-elasticity fabrics, chemical fiber or shoes , hats, bags etc)

And best of all, DTG PRO's DTG Transfer™ works with ALL DTG or DTF printer engines!

Available Options:

SizePackPriceUnit Price
11.75 in x 328 ft1 Roll$122.99$0.38 per sq.ft.
11.75 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$438.99$0.34 per sq.ft.
11.75 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$734.99$0.29 per sq.ft.
13 in x 328 ft1 Roll$132.99$0.37 per sq.ft.
13 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$458.99$0.32 per sq.ft.
13 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$797.99$0.28 per sq.ft.
15.75 in x 328 ft1 Roll$139.99$0.33 per sq.ft.
15.75 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$488.99$0.28 per sq.ft.
15.75 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$857.99$0.25 per sq.ft.
17 in x 328 ft1 Roll$149.99$0.32 per sq.ft.
17 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$504.99$0.27 per sq.ft.
17 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$897.99$0.24 per sq.ft.
20 in x 328 ft1 Roll$169.99$0.31 per sq.ft.
20 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$577.99$0.26 per sq.ft.
20 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$1,018.99$0.23 per sq.ft.
24 in x 328 ft1 Roll$214.99$0.33 per sq.ft.
24 in x 328 ft4 Rolls$748.99$0.29 per sq.ft.
24 in x 328 ft8 Rolls$1,298.99$0.25 per sq.ft.

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 40% humidity is highly recommended to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.