KODAK DTG Ink for Ricoh

Eastman Kodak Company's Kodak KODACOLOR Fabric Inks are here! Kodaks fabric inks are unique - leveraging proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development and manufacture, bolstered by decades of superior coating technology. The result is an exceptionally large color gamut, a more reliable high-quality image with outstanding shelf life and a soft, natural feel, as well as better in-printer performance. Kodaks impressive DTG ink formulations deliver superior garment printing results. Kodak has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems going back to the 1990s demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the inkjet business. Customization of fabrics for garments, accessories, upholstery, soft signage is growing, which represents a significant business opportunity for Kodak. DTG PRO is proud to offer Kodak DTG ink for Epson and Ricoh DTG machines. This KODAK DTG ink is engineered for use in Ricoh based DTG engines including the Ricoh Ri100, Ri1000, Ri3000, Ri6000 DTG machines as well as the G4 and Anajet Mp5 / MP10.

NOTE: The Anajet MP5 / MP10 and Ricoh Ri3000 / Ri6000 are easily refillable by buying the bulk Kodak DTG inks for Ricoh, and refilling empty replacement bags that can fit inside your cartridges. Or, you can buy prefilled bags. You can disable the chip reader by following this procedure: MENU > Printer Settings > Cartridge Check > switch to NO (or go to Pre-Print Check > Cartridge Check > switch to NO).

The Ricoh Ri100 / Ri1000 and the G4 need chip replacements in order to get the printer to recognize refilled cartridges. Make sure that you have replacement chips from a reliable source if you intend to refill these cartridges. We do not yet support the refilling of these cartridges. We expect to have replacement chip options soon.