5 PACK: 220ml each Kodak DTG ink bag for Anajet mPower MP5 / MP10 and Ricoh Ri Ri3000 / Ri6000 (220ml each White, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)



220ml Replacement ink bag for Anajet Mpower MP5/MP10 and Ricoh Ri3000 and Ri6000 - filled with KODAK DTG ink for Ricoh Engines.

This is a replacement bag that slots right into your Anajet mPower or Ricoh cartridges - easy to do! Some printer models need to have the ink level monitoring level disabled, follow these simple instructions to disable the reader and get your DTG printer to accept this Kodak DTG ink filled replacement bag for your MP5 / MP10 / Ri3000 / Ri6000:

> Printer Settings
> Cartridge Check, switch to NO
OR - go to Pre/Print Check
> Cartridge check, switch to NO