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DTF Consumables for DTG Systems

Now you can use your DTG printer to print Direct to Film! Our DTFPRO line of DTF PRO ™ supplies have been tested and qualified to work beautifully with DTG systems. You can still use your DTG ink, but instead of printing to a T-shirt, you will print to DTFPRO DTF sheets. Then apply DTFPRO DTF powder, heat, and press to your shirt. You can also change out your inks to DTF inks if you intend on using your DTG printer exclusively for DTF printing. Most DTG inks work just fine with DTF printing, but DTF inks are specially formulated (and have less clogging potential as compared to DTG inks), so unless you plan on continuing DTG printing, you can plan on changing your inks out to DTF for best long term results.

Unlike many entry-level DTG printers, printers built by Ricoh, Epson or Brother are purpose-built. Take the Ricoh Ri1000 and Ri2000 printers for example - built from the ground up as industry leading DTG printers | also DTF capable! The Ricoh RI1000 is probably the best printer in this category - it is unrivaled in Performance and Unbeatable in Price to Value. With a high-accuracy carriage and table, minimum ink drop size of 3 pL, precise table height adjustment, and dressable platens, the Ri 1000 delivers beautifully crisp, high resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. It is 'Walk-Up' Ready With Automated Maintenance, features a Built-In Interactive Operation Guide With Smart Alerts, Quick-Change Platens for Versatility & Ease of Use. The Ricoh RI1000 is simply the best DTG printer in its class, and is now DTF capable using Original Ricoh Ri1000 inks and DTF supplies sold here (DTF sheets and DTF powder). With numerous awards to its credit, glowing customer testimonials, and positive reviews, the RICOH Ri 1000 is the ideal direct-to-garment printer not only for those new to the custom apparel industry, but also to print industry veterans who are looking to grow their profits through the additional revenue streams created by direct-to-garment printing.