UVDTF® INK Compatibility Chart
INK TYPE All Epson Desktop Epson (< 17" print width)
Epson TX800 / XP600
Wide Format Epson (> 17" print width)
Epson I3200
quantumUVDTF® ink
quantumUVDTF® (High Viscosity) ink    
All UVDTF® inks should be shaken before use to ensure pigments are well mixed. Use in temperature and humidity controlled environments only (room temperature is recommended, and humidity over 40%)

UV Ink, UV Printer Ink from DTG PRO include hard inks, edible inks, and flexible inks with adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and are highly durable.

Inks determine whether a print turns out great or not. This is why it is vital to choose inks that produce high-quality images without sacrificing other aspects. For this, UV inks are a great option. UV inks are a type of specially formulated inks that require exposure to intense UV light to cure. Unlike conventional inks that require oxidation or exposure to air, UV inks result in much faster drying times that can be ideal for printing businesses.