UVDTF® INK Compatibility Chart
INK TYPE All Epson Epson 1390/TX800 / XP600 and similar
Epson I1600 / I3200
QuantumUVDTF ink    
QuantumUVDTF (High Viscosity) ink    
All UV DTF inks should be shaken before use to ensure pigments are well mixed. Use in temperature and humidity controlled environments only (room temperature is recommended, and humidity over 40%)

/></p> <p>UV DTF ink is used to print to UVDTF sheets or UVDTF film rolls. Instead of printing directly to hard objects as you would with UVDIRECT printing (which could be limited in production environments, owing to only being able to print to 1 object at a time, or limited to materials that are not iregularly shaped), you can print instead with your UV printer to UVDTF Sheets, essentially creating UV printed stickers or decals. Then simply peel and transfer your UV