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UVDTF Printing

UVDTF ® is a process by which you use a UV printer (that is capable of UV white/color and varnish printing) to print to UVDTF sheets. Instead of printing directly to hard objects (which could be limited in production environments, owing to only being able to print to 1 object at a time, or limited to materials that are not irregularly shaped), you can print instead with your UV printer to UVDTF™ Sheets, 1 image at a time, or multiple images at a time, essentially creating a UV printed sticker sheet (with 1 or multiple images). Then simply peel and transfer your UV "stickers" to your hard objects. Great for irregular materials, curved materials, and ultra-tall or very large materials, that otherwise may not be possible to print directly to).

UVDTF ® works on UVTRANSFER ® printers, or any UV printer that has enough channels to print CMYK + W + Varnish.

UVDTF ® combines the technologies of UV and DTF. Utilizing UV printers and UV ink, you can print to UVDTF ® sheets, for transferance to hard objects (even curved objects).