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Pre-Treatment Supplies

PreTreatment Supplies are available for dark and light colored fabrics and we bring you a variety of brands/options to choose from. All brands can be universally used with any DTG Printer / Pretreatment Equipment. Available brands include DTGPRO, KODAK, DUPONT, SK, and CREEK. Pretreatment is a solution that is required with Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers to coat fabrics before printing to them, so that the DTG inks can properly adhere to them. The only alternative to Pretreatment Solution, is to use Pretreated Shirts. For regular (non pre-treated shirts), you need to use pretreatment especially for dark garments. The way that pre treatment works is that it coats your T-shirts or Fabrics and creates an adherent surface for the DTG ink to adhere to, helping ensure a high-quality DTG print. Pretreatment also improves the lifespan and washabaility of your fabrics.