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White Toner Transfer and Sublimation Toner

Toner-Based Color White Transfer Sublimation printers and solutions capable of HEAT TRANSFER printing, DYE SUBLIMATION printing, SECURITY printing, CLEAR printing and more for garment printing and hard surfaces printing. The Uninet iColor Toner Transfer Printers and consumables are known to be the best on the white toner transfer market.

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Sublimation Printing

You might be wondering what even sublimation or transfer printing is, it understandable as not many people know of the practice. In this article, weÆll look at what exactly is sublimation or transfer printing and some inks and toners that can be used by the method.

What is Sublimation?

To put it simply, sublimation is a printing method that uses both heat and ink to transfer a design onto a piece of fabric or other material. This type of printing method is essential in the world of apparel design. Using sublimation can pretty produce high-quality apparel designs that wonÆt wear off easily. The process is relatively simple and fast; this makes producing plenty of high-quality apparel with permanent designs a lot more convenient.

How Does the Sublimation Process Work?

The sublimation process is fairly straightforward. It is essentially fusing ink and fabric as one using heat. The first step is to print the design onto a special paper just for sublimation. The inks used also need to be specifically designed for this process. It needs to turn into gas when placed under heat and is then combined with the fabric. This process results in a permanent print in the fabric.

The resulting product is less prone to fading and is of higher-quality, compared to the normal printing process, which is just laying the print on top of the fabric. You can pretty much compare this process to getting a legit tattoo. But instead of the skin, it on fabric or other material such as plastic.

Sublimation Inks and Toners

To get the perfect print on a piece of fabric, you will need high-quality inks and toners that can do the job well. Here are some of the best sublimation ink and toners weÆve tried ourselves.

1. iColor 350 Black Dye Sublimation Toner Cartridge

This high-quality black dye sublimation toner can produce high-quality prints that wonÆt fade. The details of the finished product will be sharp and clear. It can produce 1,500 prints before having to refill.

2. iColor 540 - 550 Dye Sublimation Toner Cartridge Kit

This full starter toner cartridge kit of dye sublimation is the only thing youÆll need for thousands of prints. It delivers top-notch quality for every design print on apparel or other materials. Each cartridge has a yield of 3,000 pages.

3. iColor 540 - 550 White Transfer Toner Cartridge

Need a pure white transfer toner? The iColor 540 / 550 Fluorescent white has got you covered. This toner will make all your bright color designs pop. The cartridge can dish out a page yield of 3,000. You wonÆt need any other cartridge than this one for a while.