UV Ink | UVDTF Ink

UV | UVDTF® INK Compatibility Chart
INK TYPE All Epson Epson TX800 / XP600 / 1390 and similar
Epson I1600 / I3200
QuantumUVDTF ink  
QuantumUVDTF (High Viscosity) ink    
All UVDTF® inks should be shaken before use to ensure pigments are well mixed. Use in temperature and humidity controlled environments only (room temperature is recommended, and humidity over 40%)

UV Ink | UVDTF Printer Ink from DTG PRO adhere to a wide variety of substrates and are highly durable.

Choosing the right UV inks can have drastic effects on your UV prints. It is vital to choose inks that produce high-quality images without sacrificing other aspects such as your printhead viability. UV ink generally refers to a type of ink that cures or dries quickly when exposed to ultraviolet light, which can be useful in various printing applications. UV inks are a type of specially formulated inks that require exposure to intense UV light to cure. Unlike conventional inks that require oxidation or exposure to air, UV inks result in much faster drying times that can be ideal for printing businesses. UV ink is widely used in various industries, such as packaging, labeling, signage, automotive, electronics, and promotional products. Its versatility and fast-curing properties make it a popular choice for high-quality, high-speed printing applications

They also offer several other benefits such as:

Faster Production Speed: Since UV inks cure almost instantly when exposed to UV light, projects are finished much faster and almost immediately after printing. This can allow businesses to produce higher volumes of prints compared to using conventional inks.

Lack of VOCs: Another advantage of using UV inks for prints is that they produce fewer fumes or VOCs during the drying process, making them more ideal for workplaces as they pose less of a health risk for workers.

High-Quality Images: UV inks also offer the advantage of producing high-quality images that are sharper and more vibrant compared to images produced by solvent-based inks and for prints, this is one of the most important considerations. Moreover, the colors stay vibrant and striking as well since UV inks don't have components that evaporate, retaining 100% of the inks' deposits. The vibrancy and crispness of images and even text are even evident on uncoated papers because the inks aren't absorbed by the paper.

Durability: UV inks also offer higher resistance to scratches, smudging, and other factors that can affect the print quality over time. Because of this, printed images are bound to last longer, allowing you to enjoy vibrant images for a longer period of time.

Versatility: Unlike conventional inks, UV inks are also compatible with printing on a wide range of surfaces including thermoplastic surfaces like PET and polyurethane. This is something that most conventional inks have trouble with as they need to be absorbed into the substrates to be printed.

At DTG Pro, we offer a wide selection of UV-based inks that can produce superior quality images whose vibrancy and sharpness do not fade with time or exposure. Additionally, our inks offer excellent scratch resistance and adhere to an extensive range of surfaces, including thermoplastic products like PIE, PET, and polyurethane. Produce striking printed images with our selection of UV inks. Enjoy faster curing times without compromising on quality or durability.