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Heat Press Machines

Heat Presses are engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a given period of time. We offer leading Heat Press options from Insta (instagraphix heat presses including the most popular INSTA 256 and INSTA 201), Stahls Hotronix Heat Press, Fusion IQ Heat Press, GeoKnight Heat Press, Digital Knight, Endura / EnduraPRESS and more). Popular Mug Presses are also available including the icolor Mug Press.

Choosing the best Heat Press

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DTGPRO offers a variety of heat presses to suit your specific needs. As a reseller of Stahls, Insta and Geo Knight Heat Presses, we can bundle your hardware purchase with the right heat press to get you up and running quickly and easily! The Stahls Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press is a great option for most print shops, and comes with online access to reporting as well as customized presets for specific media applications as well as self-diagnostics help with troubleshooting and maintenance. The Digital Knight DK20S is a 16x20 swing-away heat transfer press that combines a heavy-duty solid steel industrial grade pressing framework with accurate and easy to use electronics to provide the operator with the best possible features and equipment needed for today's various heat transfer applications. The Insta Model 256 16" x 20" Heat Press is one of the most popular Heat Presses on the market, offering a swing away upper platen, lightweight H-frame construction and Quick-Change mechanism for new accessory platens (6"x 6", 6"x 9", 6"x16", 10"x 16", and Shoe Platen). The EnduraPRESS SD20 16 in X 20 in Swing Away Heat Press - ideal for even thicker substrates. The Geo Knight 12 in x 14 in Digital Swing Away Heat Press 120v Compact Portable Table-Top Design. The Stahls Hotronix Cap Heat Press is designed to decorate caps of all sizes. The Stahls Hotronix 360 IQ Hat Press eliminates creasing and scorching and allows print on all sides of the hat. The Geo Knight Digital Knight Cap Heat Press comes with both STANDARD and EURO (mid-sized) bottom forms included! And the Uninet IColor Mug Press multifunction mug press features easy operation and no wrinkles because of the enhanced press mechanism. Whatever your needs, we have it, click on each item individually for more detail, spec sheets and/or videos or manuals.

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