Our DTF PRO ™ ink has been carefully selected and tested, and our DTF ink manufacturing partners carefully scrutinized to ensure the highest quality standards in ink production and consistency. DTF Ink is used to print to DTF Film creating Direct to Film Transfers - and can be done via the use of a DTG or DTF printer. The DTF ink / DTF transfers can be transferred to a variety of textiles and fabrics (cotton, polyester and more) as well as other substrates. Choosing the right DTF ink can be a daunting task, so we have broken down our ink types in the following matrix to better guide you. Although all our DTF inks will work on a variety of engines, we also offer the desktopDTF™ and wideDTF™ ink series that are formulated for a more specific set of printheads / printer engines. Choose from DTFPRO brand inks, Kodak DTF inks (known as Kodak FTF inks or Kodak Film-to-Fabric inks) or our popular Quantum DTF inks. DTF inks performance is dependent on choice of DTF film and powder combinations.

Thanks to DTG PRO's innovations of DTF Printing (Direct-to-Film), the convenience, print quality and affordability of DTF PRO systems and solutions (printers, film, ink, powder) offer unparalleled custom printing solutions without the need for pretreatment such as is the case with DTG printing. The DTF PRO systems offer affordable entry level / hobby level options, as well as mid and high production (industrial DTF printing) options. DTF ink solutions for for both Epson™ and Ricoh™ based DTF and DTG printers are available.

For Epson Printhead Based Printers: Direct to Film Ink for Epson is available in various sizes ranging from 200ml to 1Liter and in all DTF ink colors (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White). Choose the DTFPRO brand for a universal Epson DTF ink that works on desktop and industrial printers alike. Or choose the QUANTUM DTF brand for a more specific DTF ink (QUANTUM V2 is recommended for desktop models including Epson XP600, and QUANTUM V3 is recommended for Epson 4720 or Epson I3200 printheads). The unique characteristics of our DTF INK are a result of innovative ink formulation techniques including encapsulated resin + nano-pigment technology and zirconium cut dispersion processes that ensure a picoliter size that is smaller than other DTF inks on the market (thereby less likely to clog) while still balancing the right amounts of pigments to ensure a vibrant print. Our Direct to Film Ink (Textile Ink) is used on a variety of printers and Epson printhead based printers including Epson 1430, 1390, L1800, Epson P400, P640, P600; Epson R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400; Epson R3000, R3880; Epson F2000, F2100, F2200; Epson 4720, 4800, Epson XP600, Epson I3200 and many more

For Ricoh Based Printers: Direct to Film Ink for Ricoh will be soon available in the following variants: 250ml for Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White; 1L for Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White DTF PRO™ Direct to Film Ink (Textile) is for Ricoh DTG (Direct to Garments) or DTF (Direct to Film) printers utilizing Ricoh printheads. DTF printing gives you the freedom to unleash your creativity in creating your own, personal designs. From shirts, sweaters, hoodies, and pullovers to an extensive array of other garments such as canvas and denim, DTF is indeed a sure win! We have years of combined experience when it comes to manufacturing specialty printing equipment. We are an innovative company that uses high-quality equipment to offer reliable printing solutions for both small and large business. Do you need high-quality DTF ink? If so, DTG Pro is your go-to supplier.