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UV Printers

UV printing uses Ultraviolet lights, also known as UV lights to cure or dry coatings, inks, and adhesives as soon as it comes into contact with paper or medium of printing. This technique was widely used in drying gel nail polish in the past, but it is now widely adopted in the printing industry for bottles, brochures, or signages. UV Printers offered by DTGPRO are cutting edge printers that hold their own against OEM brand UV printers

Difference Between UV Printers and Traditional Printers:

Drying Process: UV printers have LED, quartz or mercury light used during the curing process instead of traditional printers that only use heat. These specially designed lights follow the special ink printed on the canvas and dry it as soon as it is applied.

Ink: The ink used in UV printers is far more superior to traditional ink. This ink dries quickly, thanks to the photomechanical process provided by the printer light. It instantly becomes dry in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of UV Printers:

Fast: With a UV Printer, say goodbye to the long printing process of conventional printers. This is because the ink dries quickly, so you do not have to wait anymore.

Versatile: UV printers can work on nonporous materials such as metals, glass, plastic making them very versatile. In fact, as long as you can fit the medium on the printer, it will work.

Vibrant Finish: The quality of prints that UV printers make is excellent. You can achieve more vibrant colors because the ink will not have time to soak into the printing medium. With it, you can easily achieve photorealistic printing.

Economical: Although UV printers are not exactly the most affordable printing machine out there, it will help you save in the long run. You can print quicker, so you can maximize your printing time. UV printing also does not require a coating to prevent smears, saving you time and money.

More Environmentaly Friendly than Solvent Based printers: Many solvent-based inks constitute 50 70 percent solvents, that contain VOC toxins and that have to evaporate off (which generates 50-70% waste). With UV printers, the UV inks do not contain solvents, which makes them not only more environmentally friendly, but also allows UV inks to be successfully applied to both flexible and hard surfaces. Since the ink is dried as soon as it hits the canvas, it does not get the chance to create the foul-smelling Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Without a doubt, UV printers have a long list of benefits over traditional or competitive printers. It is no surprise why UV printing is becoming more and more popular. This is why we have designed and developed our own build of UV printers with excellent quality to provide you with a safer and more efficient means of printing. Check out our DTG PRO 1390 MAX FUSION and DTG PRO L1800 FUSION for your UV printing needs!