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DTF Printers

Our latest DTF PRO ™ DTF Printers are capable of printing to cotton, silk, polyester, denim, leather and more. With the advancement in DTF Printing, there is no denying that DTF (Direct to Film) is taking the printing industry by storm. DTF Printer use is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies for textile printing compared to traditional printing methods and one of the most (if not the most) versatile textile decorating technologies that can be applied to a variety of fabrics and with amazing print quality and wash-fastness. Choose from compact Desktop DTF Printers, or super fast industrial DTF printers. Check out our DTF bundles including the DTF Curing section for more automation.

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DTF works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to a variety of garments (and other substrates). There are many compatible fabrics including cotton, nylon, leather, polyester, and 50/50 blends. This is unlike DTG technology which mainly only works on cotton fabrics. This therefore means that this printer works on a much wider substrate, making it the most versatile digital printer in the market. DTF printers work on both white and dark garments.

Below is a comparison chart with some of our most popular DTF Printers. Click to Enlarge.


DTF printers also combine reliability, unmatched quality and high productivity. They can handle large production volumes, which is essential in this fast-growing industry. Unlike DTG technology, DTF printers are more versatile in their application to wider array of garments, and require no pre-treatment. For quality results, you will need DTF Ink, DTF Sheets or DTF Rolls, and DTF Powder. Make sure that you wear protective masks when operating your DTF equipment and processes and operate in a well ventilated room with a filtration / extraction system as inhalation can be harmful.

Another advantage of DTF printing over traditional printing is that it is scalable. There is no question that the fashion industry is increasingly focusing on both customization and scalability. If you are looking for top-notch and affordable DTF printers to meet your high-volume printing needs, look no further than DTG Pro. We are a reputable company with unmatched experience in selling high quality DTF printers from popular brands and manufacturers. We provide a multitude of DTF printers including the DTF Pro Model J, DTF Pro MAXi, DTF Pro Inspire Series Printers, DTF Pro Panthera and more.