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DTF Printing

DTF Printing is cutting edge! Introducing DTGPRO's newest product line, the DTFPRO line of DTF printers, DTF inks, DTF Film (DTF Sheets and DTF Rolls), DTF Powder and more. Choose from budget friendly DTF Printers, or industrial capacity, high volume dual printhead DTF turnkey solutions. The consumables are tried and tested, and with our proprietary line of DTF consumables (DTF ink, Film and Powder) the print results not only rival the print quality and hand feel of DTG printing, but are accomplished without the hassle of PreTreatment, and on a wider variety of apparel and print substrates! Choose from a variety of products in this category including DTF printers; DTF inks; DTF PreTreat powder (DTF powder); DTF PreTreat Film (DTF film / DTF Sheets / DTF Rolls).

DTF printers are relatively cheaper than DTG or other specialty printing machines, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure that the output service they offer is of top quality rivaling or improving upon DTG results.

The process of heat transfer of textile ink to the film can be done on a variety of fabrics such as cotton and polyester. When printing using a DTF or DTG printer, you will first need to print to the DTF sheets / film. Then, add DTF powder to cover the print before curing. Wear protective masks when operating your DTF equipment and processes and operate in a well ventilated room with a filtration system. Below are the examples of printers, inks, pretreat powder, and accessories offered to customers:

  1. DTF printers: DTF PRO Printers by DTGPRO include the DTF L1800, P640, P600, XP15000 and more. The DTF PRO Panthera is the top of the line DTF machine for high capacity output and utmost efficiency.
  2. DTF inks: DTF Pro textile ink for use with Epson engines come in different colors, such as yellow, magenta, black, and cyan. They come in 250ml bottles and are used in engines such as Epson 1430 and L1800. DTF Pro textile ink for use with Ricoh Engines are in development and come in different colors such as white, yellow, black, magenta, and cyan. They also come in 250ml bottles.
  3. DTF powder and film: DTF Pretreat powder DTF printers ensures adherence of the DTF ink to the T-shirts / fabrics; ensures prints with vivid colors; doesn't require cutting an image on transfer and helps with breathable prints. DTF Pretreat sheets and rolls (continuous release film) complement the process.
  4. DTF Accessories: AcroRip software or other RIP software is available. The AcroRip version has a simple interface, and it's easy to use. It's also compatible with popular Epson printers and works with windows 7, 8, and 10. Rollers, Vacuums and other DTF accessories are also available.