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DTG Printers

DTG Printers are Direct to Garment Printers. Innovative and cutting edge textile printing solutions are now within reach! PRINT ON DEMAND. 100% CUSTOM. There are many types of DTG printers (direct-to-garment printers) available on the market. They vary in sizes, price, and complexity. The type of DTG machine that you choose can determine whether you succeed or fail in the printing business. When looking for the best DTG printer for your business, you need to factor into your business model, capacity, and budget. Buying the wrong type of DTG printer can set you back. However, if you choose the right DTG printer, you will be off on the right foot towards reaching your business goals. We offer both entry level DTG printers, as well as industrial level DTG printers. The Ricoh RI 1000 / RI1000X is an award winning commercial garment printer that is fit for beginner and pros With DTG printing, you can print your designs directly to textile or fabric. DTG printing gives you the freedom to create your own unique t-shirts, hoodies and more, for personal or commercial purposes. DTG PRO makes DTG Printing convenient and affordable with our unique direct print on demand solutions. DTG PRO systems are innovative, cutting-edge Direct to garment machines and inks that produce amazing full color prints on light and dark shirts in just few minutes. DTG PRO printers and inks can print on T-Shirts of all colors, Hoodies, and other garments, like canvas bags...even on denim! Now also available - Ricoh Ri100, Ri1000, Ri1000x, Ri2000 and Ri4000 DTG printers!

Buying Guide for DTG Printers

We have compiled this guide to help you know which DTG printer is ideal for your printing business.

The three types of DTG printers

1. Entry-Level DTG Printer (approx $5,000 to $10,000 range)

These are commercial off-the-shelf Epson printers that have been converted to direct-to-garment printers. They are budget-friendly DTG printers perfect for startups. DTG manufacturers buy the OEM printers or OEM printer components (printheads etc) and use their own proprietary technology to convert them, build synchronized bases, and RIP software to provide a turnkey DTG printers. These entry-level DTG printers can print hundreds of garments per day at a very affordable price, with quality rivaling even the very expensive $20K+ machines. If you are starting a T-shirt printing business, this is an excellent first choice of printer and allows you to expand as your business grows. DTG Pro offers some of the best value-for-money DTG printers in this category.

2. Mid-Level DTG Printers (approx $15,000 to $25,000 range)

Unlike most entry-level DTG printers, the mid-scale DTG printers are built entirely by their respective manufacturers. This makes them costlier than entry-level DTG printers, even though they offer virtually the same quality and output. Mid-scale DTG printers are often targetted to larger companies and often targetted towards mid-level print shops. When looking for a mid-scale DTG printer, remember to check the print speed, ink cost, and ease of maintenance, and compare them with entry-level printers as you may often find they are very similar in features, but not in price tag. Popular printers in this category include the Epson F2000 / F2100 and the Ricoh RI 100 / RI 1000. The Ricoh RI1000 is probably the best printer in this category - it is unrivaled in Performance and Unbeatable in Price. With a high-accuracy carriage and table, minimum ink drop size of 3 pL, precise table height adjustment, and dressable platens, the Ri 1000 delivers beautifully crisp, high resolution images up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. It is 'Walk-Up' Ready With Automated Maintenance, features a Built-In Interactive Operation Guide With Smart Alerts, Quick-Change Platens for Versatility & Ease of Use. The Ricoh RI1000 is simply the best DTG printer in its class, and offers professional DTG printing at an affordable price. With numerous awards to its credit, glowing customer testimonials, and positive reviews, the RICOH Ri 1000 is the ideal direct-to-garment printer not only for those new to the custom apparel industry, but also to print industry veterans who are looking to grow their profits through the additional revenue streams created by direct-to-garment printing.

3. Industrial DTG Printers (approx $25,000 to $100,000+ range)

As the name implies, industrial DTG printers are made for industrial level printing. You will notice names such as Kornit and other very high end production machinery popup in this tier. The Ricoh RI2000, RICOH RI4000, the Brother GTX PRO, the Epson F3070 and others also feature here - although the Ricoh RI4000 is actually in a class all on its own - it is arguably the most advanced DTG printer, the first and only DTG printer in its class that can print on 100% cotton, 100% polyester and poly-cotton blends and completely eliminates the need for manual pretreatment! The right industrial DTG printer also depends on your needs and your business model. Before buying a DTG printer, do extensive software and hardware test before committing.

In conclusion, choosing an entry-level DTG printer if it is your first time dipping your legs in the printing business is a wise choice, or even if you are an experienced DTG provider looking to expand on your production needs - a series of entry-level or mid-level DTG machines offer higher output and more redundancy than a more expensive industrial level printer. Silk Screen Print Shops, Embroidery shops and other industry veterans often buy entry level DTG machines to expand their product offering without breaking the bank.