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Pre-Treatment Equipment

1. Panther Max

The machine is made to be used easily, accurately, efficiently, and always reliable. It's cheap compared to other machines, and it's automated, making the printing of garments to be of pure quality. It has the following features;

An adjustable spray knob.

Anti-drop nozzles which have high pressure.

A clam shape design for effortless loading of t-shirts.

It also has the following specifications;

220V of electric power is needed.

A PTS Version of 9.1.7.

Lacks an air compressor.

2. Panther Evolution

The machine is efficient, and its output in printing garments of pure quality is equal to none. The machine is also automated to ensure that's it's easy to use. It has the following features;

Stainless steel hardware.

A corrosion-proof body.

An automatic starting button.

An adjustable spray length for a specific garment.

A 15 inches?18 inches area of spraying.

The machine is cheaper, and at DTG Pro, we ensure that we give you the Panther Evolution at a reasonable price.

3. Pearl DTG Pretreatment Machine

The machine is excellent, especially in dealing with demanding productions; hence it's a workhorse. The machine also has a production calculator and a level meter. It has a touch screen which a person can use to control it. It has the following unique features;

A fixable spray adjustment.

Quick preset options.

A daily spray counter.

Spray patterns that are easy to clean.

Calculator for calculating pretreatment cost.

4. Pearl elite automated pretreatment machine

The machine is the most advanced pretreatment machine, and it's made from premium materials. It has an internal filtration system that guarantees zero emissions. Here are some of the features that it has;

It has a calculator for calculating pretreatment costs.

Touch screen display to control the machine.

Quick preset options.

Flexible spray adjustments.

5. Ecofreen Mister-T1

The machine automatically pretreats garments before printing. It is very light and compact. It can be carried around since it occupies the least amount of space. Here are some of the features it has;

It has a closed system.

It has a flushing system.

It has a touch screen panel for controlling the machine.

Its structures are rust-free.


The equipment above help in making work more manageable, and at DTG Pro, we guarantee that the machines are of high quality and standards.