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Multi-Printer Upgrade: Add-On Printer Driver/Ports for Cadlink or PRORIP (upgrades a standard Cadlink or PRORIP licence to support an extra printer)



Works with both CADLINK and PRORIP:

Add-On Printer Driver/Ports for Cadlink (upgrades existing Cadlink or PRORIP licences to support 2 printers instead of just 1)

What this upgrade allows you to accomplish:

  • Connect an extra printer to your existing CADLINK or PRORIP License (the standard license only allows connecting to 1 printer)
  • Save over buying a separate CADLINK license for your 2nd printer

Required (not included):

  • CADLINK Digital Factory RIP Software (sold separately), or
  • PRORIP Software (sold separately)

How to activate:

For Existing CADLINK Digital Factory RIP or PRORIP users:

When you place your order, please include in the order notes (at checkout) your CADLINK or PRORIP original license/code. This upgrade will need to be activated by CADLINK / PRORIP for your specific CADLINK Digital Factory / PRORIP licence. Please allow 1-2 business days from when we have been provided your Digital Factory license code, so that we can coordinate with CADLINK / PRORIP to provide you with an activation code. With that activation code, you would simply need to:

  1. Launch your existing Digital Factory software
  2. Click on 'Help'
  3. Click on 'Upgrade License'
  4. Insert the new activation code that we will provide you, and that will unlock your Cadlink to connect to up to 4 different printers

For NEW CADLINK Digital Factory RIP / PRORIP users:

Add both this item and the CADLINK Digital Factory item or PRORIP item (sold separately) to your cart and checkout. Allow 1-2 business days so we can coordinate with CADLINK / PRORIP to provide you with a Digital Factory RIP / PRORIP and activation code that will activate both your RIP and multi-printer upgrade.

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