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DevStudio DTF RIP V8 for A3+ Size Printers (up to 13 inches): RIP software designed for printing with DTF technology



Purchase includes a virtual security key for DEVSTUDIO 8 DTFRIP. Works for Windows or Mac operating systems, please select your option. Includes one year of updates, and remote phone support.

Better Quality: Specific profiles for DTF that guarantee color fidelity and a precise preview on calibrated monitors.

More Productivity:

  • Fast print engine and intuitive interface with productivity tools, Mask editor, Color removal, Color variation.
  • Integrated system for the management of the mirror printing and the creation of specific screens to lighten the images.
  • Automatic head cleaning procedures.

Less Consumption:

  • Reduced consumption thanks to an optimized use of black in standard profiles.
  • Calculation of ink consumption in the estimate and in the final balance.

Supported Printers A3+ Size:

  • Epson L1800 DTF (CMYKWW)
  • Epson L1800 DTG (CMYKWW)
  • Epson SP1430W DTF (CMYKWW)
  • Epson SP1430W DTG (CMYKWW)
  • Epson P40X DTF (YMCKWWWW)
  • Epson P40X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson P40X DTG (YMCKWWWW)
  • Epson R180X DTF (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R180X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R180X DTG (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTF (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTG (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson P60X DTF (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson P60X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson P60X DTG (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson R3000 DTF (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson R3000 DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R3000 DTG (CMYKWWWW)

WARNING: WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment (including masks and gloves) when working with specialty printing and curing products and processes (including DTF, DTG, UV etc.) as fumes and processes may be hazardous. We highly recommend the use of a fume extractor when working with DTF powder in addition to good ventilation and filtration in your work area. The use of all specialty ink printing equipment and supplies such as inks, chemicals, powders etc. are at the sole risk of the user. Specialty inks and film require a good humidity and temperature environment (50% - 70% humidity, and 75° to 80°F) to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.