DevStudio DTF RIP V8 for A3+ Size Printers (up to 13 inches): RIP software designed for printing with DTF technology

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Windows OS
Mac OS

Purchase includes a virtual security key for DEVSTUDIO 8 DTFRIP. Works for Windows or Mac operating systems, please select your option. Includes one year of updates, and remote phone support.

Better Quality: Specific profiles for DTF that guarantee color fidelity and a precise preview on calibrated monitors.

More Productivity:

  • Fast print engine and intuitive interface with productivity tools, Mask editor, Color removal, Color variation.
  • Integrated system for the management of the mirror printing and the creation of specific screens to lighten the images.
  • Automatic head cleaning procedures.

Less Consumption:

  • Reduced consumption thanks to an optimized use of black in standard profiles.
  • Calculation of ink consumption in the estimate and in the final balance.

Supported Printers A3+ Size:

  • Epson L1800 DTF (CMYKWW)
  • Epson L1800 DTG (CMYKWW)
  • Epson SP1430W DTF (CMYKWW)
  • Epson SP1430W DTG (CMYKWW)
  • Epson P40X DTF (YMCKWWWW)
  • Epson P40X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson P40X DTG (YMCKWWWW)
  • Epson R180X DTF (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R180X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R180X DTG (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTF (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R190X DTG (WWWWCMYK)
  • Epson P60X DTF (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson P60X DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson P60X DTG (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson R3000 DTF (CMYKWWWW)
  • Epson R3000 DTG (2xCMYK)
  • Epson R3000 DTG (CMYKWWWW)