Kodak FTF Film (Film to Fabric) - Direct to Film Transfer Sheets - 100 Sheets

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Kodak ® Film-to-Fabric (DTF) is now available!

Film-to-Fabric ink systems can be used with most modified inkjet printers and involves three simple components: powder, film, and ink. The benefits of DTF, like KODACOLOR FTF (Film-to-Fabric) System, include the ability to print on a wide variety of fabrics (e.g. natural fabrics, polyester, nylon, rayon, blends, and cotton); less investment in hardware for startup; and more flexibility to accept customer printing projects.

KODACOLOR Film-to-Fabric Ink System includes KODACOLOR Powder, KODACOLOR Film, and Ink specially designed for use in a film-to-fabric application. Customers with existing Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printers have the option to use KODACOLOR DTG Inks with KODACOLOR Film and powder to add KODACOLOR FTF System to their offerings.

For fabric print shop owners wanting high-quality fabric prints without the expense of a full-fledged DTG fabric printing system or wanting to offer additional print projects on fabrics other than cotton to their customers, Kodak’s FTF ink system is the ideal solution.

Kodak has been producing and selling digital inks for thermal piezo and continuous inkjet systems going back to the 1990’s demonstrating our ongoing commitment to the inkjet business. Kodak has a strong history of innovation and excellence in the key technologies needed to produce superior fabric inks and ink systems.

Customization of fabrics for garments, accessories, upholstery and soft signage is growing, which represents a significant business opportunity for Kodak in the FTF, DTG and wide format printer industries.

KODAK DTF products are compatible with all Epson Based printers utilizing DTF Technology, including printers by DTFPRO and other brands.

Available Brands/Finish:

PremiumTriple CoatedKodak
  • Printable Side is Coated
  • Non-printable side is matte
  • The matte back (non-printable side) looks similar to the coated printable side - so extra care is needed to identify the printable side
  • The matte back helps minimize static issues, in high static environments
  • Printable Side is Triple Coated
  • Non-printable side is glossy
  • The glossy back (non-printable side) makes the coated printable side easy to identify
  • Proprietary triple coating allows for more ink adhesion and more vivid colors
  • Printable Side is Coated
  • Non-printable side is glossy
  • The glossy back (non-printable side) makes the coated printable side easy to identify

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Available Kodak Options:

SizePriceUnit Price
8.25 x 11.75 in (A4)$79.99$1.19 per sq.ft.
11.75 x 16.5 in (A3)$84.99$0.63 per sq.ft.
12.9 x 19 in (A3+)$94.99$0.55 per sq.ft.

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 40% humidity is highly recommended to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.