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The automated tension bar module system automatically feeds the film through using a self powered motor, and the tension bar responds to an upper inductor and a lower inductor sensor. When the printer moves the film, the tension lever rises and then senses the upper sensor. When the upper sensor is sensed, the motor automatically turns, and when the tension lever senses the lower sensor, the motor stops turning. The feeder continuously and automatically supplies the printing film, and the tension rod keeps a stable tension. This is an optional way the printing film can automatically maintain stable tension. Sensor and motor wiring can be wired into the printer internals, thereby needing no additional power. Comes with installation instructions (approx 10-15 mins for self-installation).

WARNING: WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment (including masks and gloves) when working with specialty printing and curing products and processes (including DTF, DTG, UV etc.) as fumes and processes may be hazardous. We highly recommend the use of a fume extractor when working with DTF powder in addition to good ventilation and filtration in your work area. The use of all specialty ink printing equipment and supplies such as inks, chemicals, powders etc. are at the sole risk of the user. Specialty inks and film require a good humidity and temperature environment (50% - 70% humidity, and 75° to 80°F) to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.