Digital Electronic Temperature & Humidity Meter Gauge (Thermometer and Hygrometer in one) with LCD Display (Temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit / Humidity Displayes as Percent)


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This is a 2in1 temperature and humidity meter - features a built-in probe and digital electronic LCD output of the temperature (in Fahrenheit) and humidity (in percent). This combined thermometer and hygrometer is the perfect accessory tool for your DTF, DTG, UV or other Specialty Ink printing environment so that you can have accurate measurements on the humidity and temperature in your room.

Temperature measuring range: -58 degrees F to 158 degrees F ; Humidity measuring range: 10% to 99% relative humidity (RH) - constinuously measures and outputs the conditions every 10 seconds.

Temperature measurement accuracy: within 2 degrees F of actual Temperature; Humidity measurement accuracy: within 5% of actual RH.