IMAGE ARMOR E-Series Direct to Garment Textile Ink for Epson engines - 1 liter

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This is a 1 liter bottle of DTG ink by IMAGE ARMOR that is engineered for use in Epson based DTG engines (including the Epson 1430, P400, P600, P800, R1800, R1900, R2000, R2400, 4800, R3000, R3880, F2000 and more). These Epson engines are utilized in many popular DTG branded printers such as those by Neoflex, Anajet, Melco, MelcoJet and others. The IMAGE ARMOR Textile Ink for Epson engines is engineered to be durable and intense in color output making it the best choice for professional DTG companies.

Compatible with the following machines: DTG PRO, Nikko, Col-Desi (DTG Digital), Fast T-Jet, Veloci-jet, Texjet, Flexi-jet, Freejet, AnaJet, AnaJet Sprint, DTG Viper, DTG Kiosk, DTG HM1, Neoflex, MelcoJet, Melco G2, MS1, Blazer Pro and Express, Epson F2100, Anajet / Ricoh (Ri100, Ri1000 etc), Katana (with P600/800), Hongjet/ BajuJet, Epson F2100, Omniprint Freejet, Polyprint and others.

  • This IMAGE ARMOR E-SERIES INK has a 35 second cure time, the fastest in the industry!
  • IMAGE ARMOR ink leaves your wiper and capping station cleaner!
  • IMAGE ARMOR e-series inks have better washability than most other inks in the industry!
  • Most of the White inks on the market require 120-180 seconds to cure the white ink which we felt was too long. So, Image Armor decided to change the way the industry printed and cured their inks. Our Image Armor Inks have a true 35 second cure time for white or CMYK prints. The new Image Armor SERIES Inks provide a great white base for all of your colored shirt prints. Whether it be a light colored shirt or a black shirt, the Image Armor Inks provide the best possible coverage and solution for white ink printing. The inks are designed to "play nicer" with your DTG printer. What this means is your printer should be less "messy" than the current inks you are using. Less buildup on the cap and wiper results in a better performance - which means less down time and more printing. Just improving the cure time wasn't enough for Image Armor. The washability of the current inks on the market was alright, but not what we would expect when we print a shirt. So, we had to improve the washability of the inks giving you longer lasting, better looking prints wash after wash. Many users have experienced better printability and coverage when used in conjunction with Image Armor Pretreatments. Now you can experience awesome looking DTG prints on some of the "less" than perfect shirts you normally never print with your DTG printer.

Instructions for curing Image Armor Ink:

  • Cure the Image Armor Inks at 356F for 35 seconds. You can go a little longer on the cure time, however best results are achieved at the suggested time and temperature.
  • Use light to medium pressure on the heat press to cure the ink.
  • Allow for 24 hours after heat pressing before washing the shirt. This allows continued curing of the ink. Washing immediately will result in about a 10-15% decrease in print quality life.
  • For the best results, use Image Armor Pretreatments.