DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION Cleaning and Maintenance Kit (includes 9 cartridges, 32oz cleaning solution, 6 syringes with special tip)

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  • 9 x Refillable P600 Cartridges with Auto-Resettable Chips (value $99.99)
  • 6 x Syringes with Specialized 14 gauge plastic tip connector specialized to fill these cartridges (value $9.99)
  • 1 x 950ml DTGPRO Printhead Xtreme Cleaning Solution (value $59.99)

Fill the included cleaning solution to the included cartridges with the syringe/tip connectors, and insert the cartridges to your P600 based DTG printer in order to run cleaning cycles to flush your printheads and resolve clogs.

Use also for maintenance, if you are going to leave the printer unused for prolonged periods of time, simply insert these cartridges with cleaning solution when your printer is not in use.