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DTG Printer Printhead Repair Service (Professional Clean / Refurbish Service)

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The most common issue that DTG users face are clogged printheads. Printheads can clog due to non-use (the ink will dry and clog the heads), or due to misuse of the DTG printer itself (such as not following proper cleaning / maintenance procedures, using the wrong inks, operating the printer in unfavorable temperature or humidity environments). We suggest a number of procedures that can work to resolve most print-head clogs, including (and in order of fastest, to the strongest clean):

  1. Using the printer's basic cleaning function (from the printer menu) - preferably with our cleaning cartridges installed
  2. Using the Epson Adjustment Program (extra software that we provide to our DTG customers) that is capable of doing a more aggressive / deep clean than the printer's basic cleaning function - preferably with our cleaning cartridges installed
  3. Printing to paper with our cleaning cartridges
  4. Performing a manual FLUSH with our DTG Printer Flush System (this resolves over 95% of clogs)

If you have a severe clog that you are unable to resolve via the above methods, your last resort would be to replace the printhead or have it professinally cleaned/refurbished. New printheads typically cost around $300 for an Epson L1800 printhead and around $500 for an Epson P600 printhead).

This item includes 1 x Professional Printhead Cleaning Service.

What you get: You send us your printhead (we provide simple instructions on how you can remove it from your printer), and on receipt we will professionally clean and refurbish your printhead and return it to you (we cover the cost to ship the printhead to you). If the printhead cannot be satisfactorily cleaned/refilled, we will refund you on this repair service purchase.

Once you purchase this item, we will reach out to you to provide instructions on how you can remove your printhead, and what address to send it to.

Once we receive it, we require 3-5 business days to inspect / repair / test your printhead. In most cases, and assuming the printhead has not suffered any physical damage, we are able to successfully restore it and in that case we will ship it back to you (we cover this shipping cost). If we are unable to successfully restore it, we will refund you for this service item purchase (you can opt to have it returned to you).

Printheads that we currently offer this service for: Epson L1800 / Epson P600. If you have a different DTG printer model, reach out to us to see if we can offer you a repair service.