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DTGRip Software (AcroRip Version 10, with Dongle) - works for both DTF, DTG and UV Printers | Powered by ACRORIP10 | Comes with DTGPRO onboarding support included

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Fully Licensed. Installation / Onboarding Assistance by DTGPRO is included with purchase.

This DTGRip Version 10 software comes with a USB security dongle. Fully licensed and powered by ACRORIP 10 (AcroRip V10 is the latest and best ACRORIP / PARTNERRIP option on the market).

This software is very easy to use and offers a simple interface so that anyone can learn and understand how to use very quickly. Compatible with most Epson-based DTG printers, DTF Printers and UV Printers.

One pass white and color, no need for two passes for dark t-shirt/products. Advanced features for printing on Dark tshirts and garments.

Works only with Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

As compared to AcroRip V9, this AcroRip V10 software features:

  • Easy and bug-free installation (V9 is more complicated and buggy to install)
  • Custom channel settings (on V9, the channels are fixed, however with V10 you can change channels on demand and based on your custom requirements)
  • Updated Drivers
  • The head cleaning function can be isolated to an individual nozzle (for example, if you have a clog in 1 channel, with V10 you can select the specific channel and do custom cleaning for that channel only. With V9, you have to run cleaning on all channels simultaneously, resulting in a lot of ink waste, as the ink is charged/used as part of cleaning)

Compatible with:

Epson Stylus Photo

1390/1400, L1800, R2000, R3000, P400, P600,P800,3880,3885,4880, 4890

and more.