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DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION Direct to Garment Printer - Made in the USA


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The DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION printing system is the most advanced DTG P600 printer by DTG PRO, made in the USA at an ultra-affordable price compared to similar systems sold elsewhere for double the price. It produces durable and intense color prints, is built on the popular Epson P600 engine, professionally modified and enhanced by DTG PRO. It features durable drive train and motors. What makes the DTG PRO so cost effective? DTG PRO has over a decade of experience manufacturing for other popular brands and distributors. Buying DTG PRO means buying manufacturer direct, without the markups that go into other brands due to marketing and distribution or due to fancy casings that often drive the price unnecessarily up (you could pay over $7,000 for similar systems from other DTG brand providers). DTG PRO focuses on function and results. This DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION has significant improvements over previous versions, and is arguably the most robust and versatile P600 based DTG on the market.

This DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION has significant improvements and enhancements over the standard DTG PRO P600 and is our latest and most-enhanced DTG P600 printer. These enhancements include:

  • Precision linear rail system (sturdier and more stable then wheels on rails)
  • Professionally engineered base that is light and stable
  • Eject/release button to release Printhead for easy maintenance and wet-capping
  • Precision base with Printer connection grooves for stable printing
  • One central connection point for power to base and printer, no need for multiple power supplies
  • Front printhead marker guide to prevent damage to printhead from plate collisions
  • Large Refillable Cartridge system for fewer fills between prints
  • Non-Slip print plate keeps shirts and garments ultra-stable for sharp printing
  • Ultra Stable Base with printer locking mechanism for stable printing
  • Removable and easy to adjust print plate/platen so you can change out for smaller sizes (baby / toddler / onesies and other smaller garments size plates are available for purchase and easily interchangeable)
  • Plate spacer system to quickly adjust to thicker garments
  • Modular design (minimizes downtime if you have an additional backup DTG printer)
  • Includes Manual and video Tutorials
  • LED lighting for viewing prints clearly, as they print
  • Larger printable area (12.5 x 18s)


  • Footprint Size: 40 in x 27 in
  • Printable Area: 12.5 x 18s
  • Features a fully electronic base with drive belt, and an adjustable platen
  • 80ml XL refillable cartridges (XL extra large cartridges last long and are easy to refill) - included for CMYK and WHITE for printing on light and dark garments
  • Manual Height Adjustment (up to 2cm)


6 month Warranty: DTG PRO offers a 6 month warranty which pertains to replacement of faulty materials during the first six months from the date of purchase of the machine (except for damage caused or other that does not depend on manufacturing defects). Consumable parts are excluded from the warranty, such as: print heads, dampers, inks (such consumable parts are available as spare parts if needed.) See the full warranty details on our guarantee page and the DTG PRO terms and conditions.

What is included with this purchase:

  • 1 x DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION Direct to Garment printing system (includes printer and base)
  • Set of 80ml XL (extra large capacity) empty refillable / reusable Continuous Ink Cartridges (DTG inks sold separately)
  • Epson Driver Software
  • BONUS: RIP Software
  • BONUS: DTG PRO P600 EVOLUTION Cleaning and Maintenance Kit (includes 9 cleaning cartridges, 32oz cleaning solution, syringes)
  • BONUS: Manual and video Tutorials


Available Print Resolutions (options):

  • 360 x 720 dpi
  • 720 x 360 dpi
  • 720 x 720 dpi
  • 1440 x 720 dpi
  • 1440 x 1440 dpi
  • 2880 x 1440 dpi

CONFIGURATION OPTIONS: (note: C = Cyan, M = Magenta, Y = Yellow, K = Black, W = White)

  • CONFIG OPTION 1: CMYK + WWWW - This configuration will allow you to print to both dark garments (such as black garments) and light garments (such as white garments), with 4-channels dedicated to the white DTG ink which is used when printing to dark garments (such as black garments). Since this configuration contains white DTG ink, it will require additional maintenance and troubleshooting as compared to config option 2 to ensure reliable, best quality prints. This is due to the inherent nature of white DTG ink, requiring more attention/maintenance.
  • CONFIG OPTION 2: CMYK + CMYK - This configuration will allow you to print to light garments only (preferably to white garments). Since this configuration is a Dual-CMYK config, your printing speeds will be significantly faster than config option 1 (approx 40% faster)! This Dual-CMYK configuration requires far less maintenance and troubleshooting than printers configured with config option 1.


DTG ink (sold separately) is available.

IMPORTANT: Special order item, 2-5 week lead time. Color of base is subject to availability (usually black / red / gold or blue). Contact us for expedited requests or custom color options if required.

What's NOT Included but you may need:

  • Windows 7 or higher Computer (PC) with an available USB port


    Depending on your PC's operating systems / windows update status / other configurations on your PC, some compatibility issues may arise. Should this be the case, we will work with you to configure your PC to work with the DTGPRO system. For convenience (and as an incredible value proposition), we also offer turnkey PC systems (laptop or PC) that are not only preconfigured to work with DTGPRO, but also comes with RIP installed.

  • Heat press for finishing (curing) the final print to your garment - We recommend a 16x20s heat press
  • Wagner Sprayer or Automatic pretreat machine to apply pretreatment, especially if you're using white ink (for dark garments)
  • Garment Pretreatment solution (needed for white ink printing, on dark garments)
  • Humidifier (to keep the humidity above 40% in the print room)

Incredible overall value!

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 40% humidity is highly recommended to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.