DTGPRO | DTFPRO University Workshop (1 on 1 Training or Support via Remote Screenshare) Up to 2 Hours Included



Welcome to the DTGPRO | DTFPRO University Personal Training Workshop!

This personal training workshop will teach you everything you need to know about how to get started with the DTG (Direct to Garment) or DTF (Direct to Film) printing business. You will receive customized training on any of the DTG or DTF machines purchased from us. Training will include how to get the printer setup, how to use the RIP software, and cleaning and maintenance. You will benefit from tips and tricks that we have mastered over many years of experience to get the most optimal quality prints and longevity out of your equipment. We limit these workshops to maximum 2 hours, so there is ample focus and attention. Most training sessions only need about 1 hour to get fully setup and functional with DTG or DTF printing, but you have the benefit of a full 2 hours, and you can split it into more than 1 session (minimum 30 min sessions, maximum 2 hour session).

Once you purchase this training item we will reach out to coordinate a time/schedule that works best. The purchase of this training is limited to the individual who places the order and is not transferable to other parties if you sell the printer or hire other employees whom you would like us to train. If additional trainings are needed in future (such as if you sell the machine or hire new employees that you would like us to train), you would need to purchase new training. This purchase can also be utilized for out of warranty support.