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DTFPRO XTREME Printhead Cleaning Solution (for flushing Continuous Ink Tubing, or to unclog stubborn clogs in printheads)

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100 ml
950 ml

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This XTREME cleaning solution by DTGPRO is for flushing Continuous Ink Tubing (such as when you want to change ink types), or to unclog stubborn clogs in printheads.

To be used for flushing of ink tubing (such as when you want to change out ink), or to unclog stubborn printhead clogs. For printhead cleaning, this XTREME cleaning solution is a last resort option, first try the regular Cleaning Solution for printheads, as this XTREME solution is a stronger formula. For flushing of ink tubing, or to unclog stubborn clogs in printheads. This solution is for use in resolving stubborn/extreme clogs, or to flush out inks from ink tubing (such as if you want to change out inks). Flush your print-heads with this solution (if your system is damper/CIS based), or fill it into "cleaning cartridges" and run up to 3 cleaning cycles with those cartridges (if your system is cartridge based). Do not use for wet capping.

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100 ml$9.99$0.10 per ml
950 ml$29.99$0.03 per ml