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StrikeStopper | Printhead Strike Prevention System



The StrikeStopper ™ is a anti-collision plate assembly solution that can be installed with any printer that utilizes a Hoson board, in order to prevent printhead strikes! Some printers may have anti-collission technology built in, while some do not. Without an anti-collission solution, your printheads (and printer carriage) are subject to damage, if something gets in the way of the printhead while its printing. For example, an object may be in the printhead path, or the film may buckle and cause the printhead to strike. Ordinarily, the printhead and printhead carriage system will continue attempting to print, and this can result in a jam or damage to the head or printer. Now with the StrikeStopper ™, you can minimize printhead strike risks, as the StrikeStopper will sense the collission and automatically stop your printer/printhead to avoid strike-related damage!

Purchase includes the StrikeStopper ™ , and assembly kit in order to connect the StrikeStopper ™ to your printer. Video instructions included with purchase.