Printhead for DTFPRO MIDI | Epson XP600 / F1080 Printhead

Epson Print Head Model Number(s):

  • XP600 / F1080
  • C14FA09122
  • Epson XP510 XP600 XP601 XP605 XP610 XP615 XP700 XP701 XP750 XP800 XP801 XP810 XP850 XP950 XP830 XP630 XP635 XP640

Compatible Printers:*

*Not for resale.

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with specialty printing and curing products and processes (including DTF, DTG, UV) as fumes may be hazardous. Specialty inks and film require a good humidity and temperature environment (50% - 70% humidity, and 75° to 80°F) to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling)