RM-GG-810 Thermal Label printer compatible with Dymo P-Touch labels (similar to Dymo Printers, this printer can accept all Dymo P-Touch labels as well as compatible brand labels)

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This is a G&G brand thermal label printer that works similarly to a Dymo label printer and will accept all the Dymo P-Touch labels. It will accept the 9mm / 12mm width labels used by the Dymo P-Touch Label Manager 210D/260P Label Manager 360D/420P RHINO 4200/5200 Label Manager 500TS/450D Label Manager PC RHINO 6000 Label Manager PnP; and will also accept the 12mm width labels used by the Dymo P-Touch LT-100H/LT-100T,QX-50. You can use the original Dymo P-Touch labels with this printer, or you can use the off-brand compatible labels as well for greater savings.

  • Printing Method: Thermal Transfer
  • Resolution: 180DPI
  • Printing Speed: Max10MM/S
  • Printing Width: Max12MM
  • Editing Mode: keyboard Editing
  • Consumable Type: Compatible D1
  • Consumable Width: 6/9/12MM
  • Max.roll Capacity: 7M
  • Applications: power telecommunications, office, medical, home office, organization, business use, etc.
  • Dimensions: About200x110x51mm