DTG Pre-Treatment

Light colored garments (that do not require white DTG ink) do not require to be pre-treated. However dark colored garments (that need white DTG ink) require to be pretreated for optimal results when printing and beyond.

Pretreatment solutions are available for both light and dark colored garments and ensure excellent washability of the printed garment (colors don't fade and fibers don't unravel); softer feel to the printed garment and brighter print colors. Choose from popular pre-treatment brands that we feature including Kodak Pretreatment, DTG PRO pretreatment, Image Armor, Firebird, Dupont and more. When printing on dark-colored garments, DTG pre-treatment is needed to produce the best possible results for your prints. This is because dark-colored garments require the use of white DTG ink before applying the final design on it. However, dark-colored fabrics absorb the white DTG ink, resulting in faded colors and failing to bring out the best out of your chosen design. Because of this, it?s important to apply DTG pre-treatment on your dark garments before applying the white DTG ink.

DTG pre-treatments serve as a primer between the shirt and the white DTG ink, preventing the fibers of the shirt from absorbing the ink. As a result, you get striking and vibrant designs, even on dark-colored garments. Choose from our wide selection of pre-treatment equipment and supplies that will allow you to produce the best possible results for your designs. We carry several popular pre-treatment brands from Kodak to DTG PRO.

Pre-Treatment Equipment
To ensure that the application of your pre-treatment solutions is even and hassle-free, you need a pre-treatment machine to do so. We have several pre-treatment machines that make the application of the solutions easier and more convenient. With our range of pre-treatment equipment such as the DTG PRO Panther Series and Pearl series, you can achieve stunning results with every garment. Our machines are reliable, durable, and capable of applying the pre-treatment solution evenly, minimizing the efforts you need to exert to achieve optimal results. Our selection of DTG pre-treatment machines is also available at an affordable price point, catering to a wide range of budgets.

Pre-Treatment Supplies
Pre-treatment solutions are the ones used to coat the surface of your dark-colored garments so that the white DTG ink can properly adhere to it. At DTG PRO, we carry several brands of DTG pre-treatment solutions that are available in different sizes to meet your unique and specific needs. From Kodak to DTG PRO, we have it in our selection. Available in either a liter or gallon, you can choose which size best fits your needs. They are formulated with the highest quality components that allow them to produce the best possible results for your garments. Our pre-treatment solutions also ensure a softer feel even after treatment and offer excellent washability without worrying about the design fading. They also ensure that your prints turn out as vibrant and vivid as possible, allowing you to showcase the best result for your designs.