DTFPRO Printhead Cleaning Solution (for cleaning or flushing of printheads)

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100 ml
950 ml

This cleaning solution by DTGPRO is for cleaning of DTG or DTF printheads.

To be used for flushing of the print head, either manually with the syringe and tubing (flushing the printheads), or for printers that are cartridge based, you can fill this cleaning solution into cartridges and using those cartridges as "cleaning cartridges" and running up to 3 cleaning cycles with them. For printers that are not cartridge based (such as continuous ink system based printers), you would use the cleaning solution in the manual method (flush the heads with it). This solution is for use in resolving minor clogs. Flush your print-heads with this solution (if your system is damper/CIS based), or fill it into "cleaning cartridges" and run up to 3 cleaning cycles with those cartridges (if your system is cartridge based). Do not use for wet capping.

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100 ml$7.99$0.08 per ml
950 ml$19.99$0.02 per ml