DTG PRO Panther Series Direct to Garment Automated Pretreatment Machine (Panther Max)

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The Panther Series Pretreatment machines are ground-breaking professional solutions for the DTG industry, engineered to be easy to use, dependable, smooth and precise. They are built DTG PRO tough, with a focus as always on function and usability. They have been created as an alternative to the other more expensive (unecessarily so) branded machines that are on the market. We recognize that customers are typically stuck between a choice of a hand sprayer (low cost, but can be messy and unreliable) or a really expensive pre-treatment machine that is typically over $3000. The DTGPRO Panther Series Pretreatment Machines are automated, professional and simpler to use than the $3000+ models that you may see from bigger brand names on the market. They are the most affordable professional grade and dependable pretreatment equipment on the market! With its smooth and precise injection of pretreatment to your garments, you can get fine quality of printing and consistent out come. These machines are easy to operate and maintain without any specific skills. Detailed instruction manual included.

As compared to previous version Panther Pretreatment Machines, the Panther Max is the most robust yet! It features:

1. Automatic Independent control of liquid electronic valve

2. Clam shape design allowing you to easily load your Tshirts

3. Emergency and flow adjustment with metal and LED light

4. Proprietary electronic control technology

5. High pressure anti-drop atomizing spray nozzles

6. Quick convertion switch between 3 kinds of different channel

7. Single pass-double pass spray that is made with metal and LED light

8. Spray length adjustable knob


Direct-to-Textile: Yes

Number of Spray nozzles: 1pcs

Nozzle Technology: High pressure Atomization Spay Technology

Nozzle Control Technology: Automatic flow drop control

Control Firmware System: PTS Version 9.1.7

Spray Speed: 3~5s/one Tshirt (16"x20" Size)

Spray Path Width: 16" Spray Path Length Adjustable up to 20?? Standard Platen Size 16"x20" Spray Path Motion Unidirection/Bi-Direction

Spray Flow: 20~120cc Adjustable

Liquid Channel: 3 type (Dark Tshirt pretreatment, Light Tshirt pretreatment, Clean liquid)

Liquid Convert: Automatic Electromagnetic Valve Control

Liquid Tank Capacit: 2000ml per each, 3 tank

Electrical Requirements: 220V/110V

Air Compressor Required: No (System included)

Max. Air Pressure: 6.3Bar

Error Alarm: Sound alarm

Transmission Type: Linear rail

Net Weight: 65Kg

Packing Weight: 98Kg

Machine Size: 28.3" L (55.2" With Liquid Tank assembled & Drawer Open) x 18.8" W x 21.1" H

Packing Size: 33.8"L x 24.8" W x 32"H

Note: Built on demand (please allow 2-5 weeks lead time from date order is placed).

WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with DTF products and processes as fumes may be hazardous. DTF inks and film require a good humidity environment - over 40% humidity is highly recommended to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling.