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RICOH DTG | RICOH DTF Ink Cartridges for Ricoh Ri1000 / Ri2000 (Type G1)

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White 1
White 2
6 Pack - CMYKW1W2

The industry's leading high-performance DTG printer deserves high-performance ink. Print in virtually unlimited shades of rich brilliant color with Ricoh Garment Ink formulated for the RICOH Ri 1000 and RICOH Ri 2000 printers. These Ricoh Ri1000 | Ri2000 cartridges work for both DTG and DTF printing applications.

Original OEM Ricoh Ri1000 Ink Cartridges in standard 200ml capacity are the go-to for most customers. If you have the printing production volumes needed to justify getting the XL (high capacity cartridges), you can select from the 500ml XL Ricoh Ri1000 ink cartridges (also work on the Ricoh Ri2000). Get even more for less - buy a multipack and save. Add at least $100 to your cart and get Free Shipping on OEM Ricoh inks. Our Genuine Ricoh Ri1000 / Ri2000 inks ship fast and offer the Highest Performance and Best Value for your printing business. With higher image quality and more accurate colors, buying genuine Ricoh Ri1000 cartridges is the best decision.

Did you know: The Ricoh Ri1000 | Ri2000 inks are now DTF capable? These genuine Ricoh Ri1000 | Ri2000 ink cartridges work for BOTH DTG and DTF. Discover Direct to Film (DTF) on your Ricoh Ri1000 and Ri2000. Quickly print on substrates including 100% POLY, NYLON, HARD SURFACES and MORE! On white or dark! Print and apply transfers in just a few easy steps - NO PRETREATMENT NEEDED! Watch the video below on how to use your Ri1000 or Ri2000 Ricoh printer together with these Original Genuine Ricoh ink cartridges for outstanding DTF results!


WARNING: WORK IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA and use Protective Equipment when working with specialty printing and curing products and processes (including DTF, DTG, UV) as fumes may be hazardous. Specialty inks and film require a good humidity and temperature environment (50% - 70% humidity, and 75° to 80°F) to minimize risk of ink clogs and film buckling)