DTF | DTG Ink for Ricoh based Printers

Now featuring genuine OEM Ricoh Ri1000 ink cartridges and Ricoh Ri2000 ink cartridges. The Type G1 Ricoh cartridges work in both the Ricoh Ri1000 printers and Ri2000 printers and come in 2 sizes (standard size 200ml Ricoh ink cartridges, and the XL or High Capacity 500ml Ricoh ink cartridges). Select from the individual colors, or buy a bundle pack and save on Original Ricoh inks. Ricoh Ri1000 | Ri2000 cartridges work for both DTG and DTF! Enjoy Ricoh DTG | Ricoh DTF with Genuine Ri1000 inks

Ricoh DTG | Ricoh DTF